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I’m considering somewhat revising my plan for my car stereo…

Before, I was just going to get a sub and an amp, because there’s nothing really wrong with the speakers or deck. However, upon further thought, I’m thinking of getting a new deck with a line-in, so I can hook my iPod up to it. At the moment it’s getting pretty much no use anymore, because I don’t catch the bus to work and am listening to CDs in the car. And if I do end up doing this, I might get a brand-spanking-new 30GB iPod, so I can take my entire music collection with me. 🙂 (Yes, I’m aware of the distinct lack of iPods in Australia).

What would be really cool is to get something like this happening, although I’d settle for just a cord going from the back of the deck and having the iPod sitting in the centre storage bit between the seats.

4 thoughts on “Mobile music

      1. Weird.

        Well, if you buy two iPods and have them sent to my house, I’d be more than glad to pay the shipping costs for one of them to Australia. :-p

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