The new job is going well. 😀 We’re doing a two-week training course first. We’ve got our spiffy Apple security cards now. 🙂 (Just so we can get in and out of various places, like the cafeteria). Naturally, the photo is appalling. 😉 And I’m picking up credit card up on Saturday, and getting my engine immobiliser etc. Saturday next week.


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    1. Totally. 🙂 These ones can unlock doors and stuff too…you just wave ’em over the sensor, and it beeps and you walk on through. 🙂 They’re really nifty, they just look like a credit-card-sized piece of white plastic, with your photo and stuff on it.

      1. I KNOW!
        I got one at the ABC when I did a stint there.

        That was so much fun. And that satisfying *click* that is your reward when you swipe it… it can’t be topped.

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