I’ve finally gotten around to getting myself a CD burner. 🙂 I’ve bought an LG GCC-4480B internal combo drive and it works a treat. I’ve downloaded and installed build 7B80 of Panther, and it’s very spiffy. 🙂

I got a call from St George this afternoon, saying my credit card application was successful. 😀 They just need to make it, send it to the Dee Why branch, and I’ll go down and collect it. 🙂

And lastly, my last day at Maccas is this Friday…I start at Apple on Monday! 😀 I’m doing tech support…and earning $4.20/hour more than I’m getting at Maccas. 😀

😀 😀 😀

14 thoughts on “WOO!

      1. It’s times like these I need a Sage iMac.

        You know, the second they’re looking for new people you have to suggest me! I’ll move!

        1. You don’t have the experience with OS9, though… 🙂 And I’ve been using Macs since I was about 6, rather than being a recent OSX convert. 😛

          I was thinking earlier, “Finally, all my years of computer geekery have paid off!” 😉

          1. Aww, I’m all ranty 😛

            I have experience with Mac OS 9 and 8; at one of the companied I used to work with, at a primary school we had to integrate a whole bunch of old Macs with their new Window NT 4-based IT system. (Virtually every Victorian public school runs Microsoft now, but that’s another story.).

            I was never… unwise enough to use Mac OS on a computer I owned myself. To this day, I’d much prefer a Windows NT 4.0 Workstation to something running a so-called ‘classic’ Mac OS. 😛

            Anyway, yes, I jumped (all the kids call it switching now…) for Mac OS X. However, I’ve been reading about it all since 2000, played with Public Beta on an iBook SE I commandeered for a little bit, read insane amounts of things about things as I wasted 2001 at uni, and finally could get a new system myself at the end of the year when I started working again.

            So yes, OS X may have caused me to buy a Mac, but I’m not one of those stupid people that switched 6 months ago, but honestly know nothing about the Mac and the ways of the Apple. 😛

            And I put use the correct forms of writing the OS names, you “OSX” heaven!

            But eh! I should go read a book, instead of babbling mindlessly on LiveJournal! 🙂

            1. aww, you know i’d follow you to sydney, you’re not getting away that easily!

              you do have dreams, you’re just not sure what they are or how to follow them yet. oh dear, the wank-o-meter just went off so i’d better stop.

  1. hey it’s cath 😀

    found my link to you in the internet world (besides sean & mike of course)

    – i had drinks with her last thursday night 😛

    1. LOL!

      Damn it’s a small world. 🙂 I don’t know where I know rubycoffin from, though, if anywhere…one day I checked my friends page and she had me listed. 🙂

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