Har. We went to Pittwater RSL tonight. I had 7 Bundy and cokes in just over 2 hours, and my reading on their breathalizer was 0.043. ::strikes a manly pose:: One of my friends had 4 beers, and his was 0.042.

Oh, and I have the Red Dwarf Series III DVD. 😀 Apparently their November 12 date wasn’t exactly accurate. 😉

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  1. It’s the new game that’s sweeping the nation,

    I used to drink at Queenland Rail’s “pub”, they had a breathaliser there for all the train drivers who’s stop by. They had to take it away, but I’m not sure if it was because of legal stuff (if the machine said .049 and you were really .051, could you sue them), or if it was us playing BEAT THE BREATHALISER.

    Basically, getting above .05 is pretty hard in a short amount of time, but when you break it, 0.10 comes quickly. Then for some reason, no matter how much you seem to drink, beating 0.15 seems impossible (you physically can’t fit that much beer in your stomach).

    The way to cheat of course is to drink straight spirits. The vapours tend to linger in your mouth and give false readings. I blew 0.45 once after 4-5 neat vodkas.

    And of course, if there was a certain young lady you’d fancy, you could figure out when she’s in the magic range “drunk enough to kiss you” but “not drunk enough to vomit or pass out”.

    Sadly, for me, this range was very very very very very narrow, if not in fact negative at times 🙁

    1. LOL 🙂

      On the one at the RSL, it’s got on the front a whole bunch of disclaimers, saying that the police and courts won’t accept it and various things like that.

      We always have great fun skulling a drink then blowing into it…one of my friends got almost to 0.6 a while ago. 😉

  2. you mean you didn’t go to the jetty, or mona 😛

    no no, the best place on the northern beaches is HARBORD DIGGERS!
    except now that they got rid of the horsie game, it’s lacking now 🙁

    1. Hey, don’t you be dissing Mona! 😉

      The Jetclub is no more…they’re putting units or something up in place of it. Not that it matters…the place was a shithole. 😉

      1. sif mona, so fucking lame!!!
        ooh i’m cool coz i dance on the 4x4m dance floor!

        omfg no more jetty?
        where are the 15yo’s gonna go now!!?!

        oh like you never went to a foam party there 😛

        1. Hahah. We don’t frequent the dance floor…we’re usually over the other side, outside where the pool tables are. 🙂 It’s more the fact that we’re just usually there, and so are quite a lot of the nearby population, rather than any classiness that Mona has. Or doesn’t have, as the case may be, heh.

          A foam party at the Jetclub, you mean? I’ve been there exactly twice, and it sucked dick both times, heh. Apart from the fact that I can’t stand the R&B shit they play there anyway, the DJ was fucking hopeless. 😉

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