I’m sitting here at work, humming that damn “BADGERS BADGERS BADGERS!” tune to myself. I CAN’T STOP!

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      1. *whistles and rocks up and down*


        Ben says:
        does it just go on forever like this?

        cath @ work (enter witty comment here) says:
        i think so yes, isn’t it hilarious?!

        Ben says:
        making me loose the plot

        cath @ work (enter witty comment here) says:
        <3 <3 <3

        Ben says:
        you know fuck you .. now that song is stuck in my head

        cath @ work (badgerbadgerbadgermushroommushroom) says:

  1. I also am at work!

    However, I sadly have no badgerbadgerbadger(…) to play orchestra to my theatre of productivity.

    Please excuse me if what I have just said makes no sense, as it’s possible that my brain has ceased to function on a normal level, without having the common decency to inform me of this occasion. Or. eh.


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