Black Metal KVLTist
You are a Black Metal KVLTist. Black metal
is one of the most extreme and advanced forms
of metal (or music in general), and you’re damn
proud of the fact that you have the balls and
brains to listen to it. As a matter of fact, it
may very well be the only thing you
listen to – everything else seems to lose its
charm (though that’s not the case with
everyone). The whole concept of concerts
doesn’t excite you much – the music sounds just
as good on CD, after all, and there’s too many
morons stumbling around at shows. You’re just
not a people person; other metalheads respct
you to a degree but think you’re kind of a dick
(and often a racist fucker). You don’t really
care what they think, of course – you
know you’re better.

What Kind of Metalhead Are You?
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  1. Prog Metal Fan
    You are a Prog Metal Fan. Progressive metal,
    innovative stuff that transcends the boundaries
    of standard heavy metal, is what it’s all about
    for you. The more intricate and difficult to
    play, the better, and generic, simplistic stuff
    just turns your stomach. You have a chance to
    hear even more innovations and stunning musical
    ability at shows. Your elitist attitudes rub
    soe people the wrong way – they call you
    pretentious, a snob, a wanker. But you know
    they’re just jealous because they don’t
    understand it.

    What Kind of Metalhead Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla

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