As it turns out, I didn’t play /any/ KoTOR until this afternoon. Friday night I went over to a friend’s place for a few hours and just chilled there.

Midday Saturday we headed down to the Mall to pick up various things. I received a $50 gift voucher for Mall Music from my aunt and uncle, so I picked up Meshuggah’s Destroy Erase Improve and Ulver’s Nattens Madrigal. Also got a Mother’s Day card (my parents don’t believe in giving gifts for mother’s and father’s day, which is fine by me. :D) and a felt/rubber full-head/face mask of Satan (my friend’s 21st said to wear your most outrageous hat/wig). It quite rocked, but I couldn’t drink my alcohol with it on, so I only wore it for like the first five minutes. 😉

The party itself was quite good, although I didn’t drink that much. I had extremely little to eat that day, so I wasn’t especially feeling like drinking lots. It was in Castle Hill, so we crashed there the night and got the requisite not-enough-sleep that you get when you’r’e sleeping at someone else’s house. 😉 Had deliciously greasy bacon and eggs for breakfast, which was good. I ended up having a nice two hour nap this afternoon (which I had while Meshuggah was playing nice and loudly on my stereo.) So yeah! Quite a good weekend.

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