Whee! My Bluetooth (for the non-geeks of us, read that as “wireless” :)) keyboard is here. 😀

My never-ending war against cables moves up another notch!

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  1. Unless they start to do it all with microwaves.

    Then, not only can you remove cables in your house, leave your dinner near the computer at it’ll cook itself!

  2. why for need a wireless keyboard if you have a laptop? 😮

    i looove my wireless keyboard. its like 18 months old and has only needed one battery change 😀 the stupid mouse it came with though eats a pair of batteries like every 6 weeks, cos there’s no ‘off’ switch.. is it just me or would it make sense to be able to switch the thing off at night rather than have the little red glow there constantly? 🙁

  3. I was fondling and drooling looking at a bunch of those today, along with all the other nerd stuffs. <3 nerd shopping. Is it possible to enjoy nerd shopping too much? 😡

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