We went over to my friend’s place last night for our usual Friday night Magic and drinks night. 😉 Got home at 3:55am. 😀

And this afternoon I pretty much completely ripped my room apart and neatened out all the cables everywhere. It was an absolute rats nest under my shelves.

And I have no idea if we’re going out tonight. A few of my friends are going to Home in the city, but bleh. Nightclubs aren’t my scene.

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      1. What the fug is wrong with you
        I’LL TEACH YA!

        And dood never go to Home on Saturday nights anyway
        Drinks are over-priced more than ANYWHERE else in the city
        7 bux for a bottle of water anyone?


        1. Hehe. ::shrug::

          $7 for water?! 😮 Wasn’t there something that the government was bringing in whereby they weren’t allowed to charge more than a dollar or two for bottles of water?

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