We went over to my friend’s place last night for our usual Friday night Magic and drinks night. 😉 Got home at 3:55am. 😀

And this afternoon I pretty much completely ripped my room apart and neatened out all the cables everywhere. It was an absolute rats nest under my shelves.

And I have no idea if we’re going out tonight. A few of my friends are going to Home in the city, but bleh. Nightclubs aren’t my scene.

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      1. What the fug is wrong with you
        I’LL TEACH YA!

        And dood never go to Home on Saturday nights anyway
        Drinks are over-priced more than ANYWHERE else in the city
        7 bux for a bottle of water anyone?


        1. Hehe. ::shrug::

          $7 for water?! 😮 Wasn’t there something that the government was bringing in whereby they weren’t allowed to charge more than a dollar or two for bottles of water?

          1. Obviously not
            It’s criminal
            AND they also purposely make the taps in the bathroom really small so you can’t fit abottle under it


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