Holy shit, I just won an iMac G5.

We had a random draw, with things like t-shirts, iTunes gift certificates, an iSight, and AirPort Express Base Stations. There was also an iMac G5, which I won. 😀 😀

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      1. It’s white.

        It says “ AppleCare” in black on the front.

        It says “Giving customers the power to help themselves” in black on the back.

        You’re not missing much. However, I’ll swap with the iMac G5 if you’d like…

      1. ohhh wow :O congratulations!!!

        (could it be that ‘prizes’ were given out according to which staff members spent the most money there? “several ipods” and airport thingies and other wireless bits and that giant expensive hard drive would’ve given you a lot of prize-karma ;D )

        1. Hahah, nah. It was just a random draw. 🙂 They put the names of all the prizes onto bits of paper, then scrunched each one up and put it into a bag, and everyone drew one bit of paper.

  1. That sux! I wanna win something COOL

    The only thing i’ve ever won was an art competition @ my local church when i was 5. The prize was a children’s picture book about the life an times of Jesus Christ



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