Over the past year and a half, my stereo has developed an odd problem: it won’t output any sound if the weather gets hot. The sound level meters on the front are moving, but nothing comes out of the speakers. Well, it’s now completely died, so I’m investing in a new setup.

On my Dad’s recommendation, I’m not going to get one of those all-in-one mini-system thinks, because they’re, well…crap, heh. Not to mention that even though my stereo has a CD player, radio, and twin tape deck, I never use them. All I use it for is the auxilliary input so I can route the sounds from my computer, Xbox, and GameCube through it.

So, I’ve ordered a Harman-Kardon HK670 amplifier and a set of Wharfedale D82 bookshelf speakers.

They’re meant arrive Wednesday or Thursday next week, and Dad said he’ll go down and pick them up on Friday. w00t!

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  1. yes. mini all-in-ones are crap. i’m only stuck buying them because i can’t afford the amp &c set up. and when i last bought one i was still using a tape deck…to sum up: i’m jealous.

    1. Hehe. 🙂

      I can’t recall the last time I used a tape, actually. I got my current stereo for my 18th birthday, and I know I haven’t used any tapes since then.

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