Phew! I’m finally back from Queensland. 🙂

We left last Saturday, and arrived back this evening a bit before 6pm. We were staying at The Beach House in Coolangatta, on the Gold Coast. The rooms were quite awesome, and the view! Holy crap. The Beach House is 17 stories, and we were on the 16th floor, facing the beach and the ocean. 🙂

We went to Dreamworld on Tuesday, which was quite awesome. Other than that we didn’t do all that much…wandered around Coolangatta, taking in the sights. I took a bunch of pics, mostly from our balcony and from the beach (see here).

My favourite pic would have to be this one:

Surfers + balconies at night 1

I’m going to invest in a tripod for my camera, I think, and check out how much lenses are as well…

Now, to catch up on a week’s worth of news and LJ entries… 😉

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  1. hey VW,

    this is totally unrelated to your post, but i have a mac question i thought you might be able to help me with.

    I have an old style imac with OS 9.1, and a click wheel ipod (ie no buttons at the top). when I plug the ipod into my computer via the USB port on the keyboard, it says something about the ipod not being able to get enough power from the current connection, and when I plug it in the side, it doesn’t register at all.

    any ideas? 🙂

      1. i suspected as much.

        one more question… could these specs support OS X?

        >Hello everyone,
        >We have 15 iMacs for sale.
        >There are 5 orange ones, 2 green ones, 3 light blue ones, 2 grape
        >ones and 2 pink ones. Could be collectors’ items.
        >Each has a 400MHz G3 processor, 9.5 GHz hard disk drive, CD/DVD read
        >only drive, firewire and usb ports, microphone and headphone ports,
        >built-in 56k modem, external vga monitor port, Mac OS 9.2 operating
        >system, original software, firewire cable to connect to a digital
        >video camera for editing movies and a minimum of 64MB RAM.

        (thanks so much for the help!)

        1. They certainly do.

          It wouldn’t be the snappiest machine ever, and you’d want to bump up the RAM to at least 256MB. (The general rule of thumb is more the RAM, the better). But that’ll definitely work fine with OS X.

          1. ooh, excellent! thanks for the quick reply. it’s a pre-loved model from mac uni, and it’s only $250, like the one I have now. which is great when i’m unemployed, and really need OSX to do my online resume, for various reasons. plus, to actually be able to plug my flipping ipod in would be a great advantage!! doesn’t matter if it’s all a bit slooooow to run.

            1. Hehehe. 🙂

              How big is the iPod? 20GB or 40GB?

              Cuz I’m thinking it might not be a bad idea to see if you can upgrade the HD on it, so you can keep all the music on the computer as well as the iPod, rather than importing music to the computer, copying it to the iPod, then deleting it from the computer. (Just in case something goes pear-shaped with the iPod, if you keep the music on the computer as well you can just copy it all over to the iPod again).

              1. yeah, it’s 40 GB. I got the following email from my mum this morning…

                Dear A,
                Here is the reply from Greg – the Imac is cheap – $114 but you’d need extra RAM.
                This still sounds cheap to me.

                >Hello Veronika,
                >That model iMac can run MacOSX 10.3.X OK but a minimum of 128MB of
                >RAM is recommended and the machine has 64MB. Personally I would use
                >at least 256MB.
                >John Ng from Computers Now gave me some educational prices on RAM recently.
                >Extra 256mb uninstalled = $80exGST each
                >Extra 512mb uninstalled = $150exGST each
                >As well as extra memory you would need to purchase a licence for OSX
                >and that would cost around $110.

                so, it’s only $114!!! BARGAIN! I could afford to get some extras for it given that price. and they have pink ones left /girly.

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