Woo creativity!

I’ve just redesigned my website. 🙂

Well…not really “re-designed” so much as “re-coloured and tweaked”. 🙂 I was getting a little sick of the beige, and I’m quite happy at how the colours work together for the new one. (I re-did my LJ pages to match the new colours, too).

I’ve got another design I’m working on, but it’s a totally different layout, and I can’t be arsed implementing it at the moment. 😀

What do you all think?

15 thoughts on “Woo creativity!

        1. Re: I like!


          I suspect it’s going to be like that for me too…it’s hot as buggery here at the moment. 🙁 Although it’d be a lot warmer if I didn’t have my ceiling fan.

        1. I can’t see any reason why they couldn’t be made variable-width, either…unless they’ve got some /really/ fucked-up-complex table stuff happening.

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