Hehe, we’re finally breaking out all the Christmas decorations at work. 🙂

(I so need to start bringing my proper digital camera to work, heh.)

EDIT: Oh yes, and the call centre manager came around earlier and gave everyone a little packet of chocolate biscuits that she’d baked last night. 🙂

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        1. yeah!
          go around the room & show us all your friends & stuff!

          LMAO; i can just imagine chris reading this & then seeing a picture of the back of his head on here *laughs*
          that’d freak the hell out of me!


      1. well i’m sitting here with my legs crosesd swinging around on my swivel chair eating minties 😀

        except i’m looking a little more PROFESSIONAL 😛

  1. hahaha – thats NOTHING compared to our workspace – it looks like a tinsel factory vomited all over the place and then left the bauble fairy to finish off the job! 😛

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