Nightwish are coming out here on the 23rd of March next year! 😀 😀

They’re playing at the Metro. I’ve just ordered tickets, and put in a day-off request for the 24th. 😀 😀


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  1. Oh Holy Jeesus.

    I just wandered in here from the Lefty group thinger and nearly puked with excitement. (And I’m such a laydee, I don’t usually say things like that, you know, so that’s how blown away I am.)

    But, oh, FUCKING pain. I live in Perth.

      1. Re: Oh Holy Jeesus.

        I’d be considering it if then I didn’t have to pay for a place to stay, and wouldn’t be stuck seeing them in a city I don’t know all by myself. Not many (any) of my friends share my taste in music. Ew – how pathetic does that sound? Harhar – their loss!
        Oh, sigh.

        I’m moving to NZ next year anyway, so the money’s all goin’ there.

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