neon2099 and I went to see Arch Enemy last night.

Fucking awesome.

And on the way back home, at the intersection of Pitt St and Martin Place, we came across part of Superman being filmed. 🙂 I’ll have to go and see the movie now, just to see that particular bit. 😉

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    1. ooh; you’d know!

      you’re opinionated; be honest.

      what are the major differences between sydney and melbourne; what makes one place better than the other and in what way?

      1. Re: ooh; you’d know!

        Canberra ownz j00 both. 🙂

        Clean, good public transport, plenty of pubs, nothing is more than ~30minutes away. Very little congestion, low amounts of violence/crimes.

        Tho, we have shitty weather, parliment, snobby people.

        1. Re: ooh; you’d know!

          i must admit i haven’t been to canberra since i was in year six; so all i really remember is questacon.

          and OH did i love questacon LOL

      2. Re: ooh; you’d know!

        Melbourne: Indie-rock pretentiousness.

        Sydney: Will-one-day-merge-with-Brisbane-forming-800-kilometer-long-sprawl pretentiousness.

  1. Du0d

    I went to see Suffocation and Cryptopsy a few weeks ago. Suffocation did not put on a good show at all (too much bass, not enough vocal, that sort of shit, also not very great performers). Cryptopsy tore that fucker UP though, son. Fucking rough-ass show. 😀

    1. Re: Du0d

      Nice. 😀

      I’m going to see Nile on the 25th of this month, and Opeth (Stevepeth!) have said they’re coming out here in April or May of next year. 😀

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