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    1. ooh; you’d know!

      you’re opinionated; be honest.

      what are the major differences between sydney and melbourne; what makes one place better than the other and in what way?

      1. Re: ooh; you’d know!

        Canberra ownz j00 both. 🙂

        Clean, good public transport, plenty of pubs, nothing is more than ~30minutes away. Very little congestion, low amounts of violence/crimes.

        Tho, we have shitty weather, parliment, snobby people.

        1. Re: ooh; you’d know!

          i must admit i haven’t been to canberra since i was in year six; so all i really remember is questacon.

          and OH did i love questacon LOL

      2. Re: ooh; you’d know!

        Melbourne: Indie-rock pretentiousness.

        Sydney: Will-one-day-merge-with-Brisbane-forming-800-kilometer-long-sprawl pretentiousness.

  1. Du0d

    I went to see Suffocation and Cryptopsy a few weeks ago. Suffocation did not put on a good show at all (too much bass, not enough vocal, that sort of shit, also not very great performers). Cryptopsy tore that fucker UP though, son. Fucking rough-ass show. 😀

    1. Re: Du0d

      Nice. 😀

      I’m going to see Nile on the 25th of this month, and Opeth (Stevepeth!) have said they’re coming out here in April or May of next year. 😀

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