w00t! All the house renovations are finally finished. 🙂

The painting was finished last week, and the floors were put in today. Despite my initial reservations about wooden floors, these look schmick. The wood is kemper, and it’s not all cold and horrible as I was expecting.

Pics will be forthcoming once my new computer arrives and everything is finally set up. (There’s still a bunch of stuff in the garage at the moment, too… we didn’t get a chance to move it all back in tonight as the flooring mob only left at 18:30). My new monitor is currently sitting on L-to-Z of the Yellow Pages, as it’s a bit too low sitting directly on the desk… it’s a classy look. I’m going to get something custom-built to sit on top of my desk to raise the height of all my monitors up a few centimetres.

(Ok, I lied about all the renovations being finished… the eaves will be painted next week, but all the intrusive, getting-woken-up-by-big-boots-tromping-through-the-house stuff is done).

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