I snapped some pics today of work. I would have uploaded them earlier, but something’s wonky with our network setup.

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  1. I hate you for having a casual workplace. 🙂 (I already knew that you did, but I just though I’d mention it)

    you’d die if you saw the amount of paperwork on my desk – I send out all the paper AND all the electronic invoices for the entire company (well, ok, the main paper invoicing run is done by a part timer)

      1. We did those white colourbacked glass walls all through the meeting rooms in our Melbourne office, because in the old one people used to write all over the plain glass walls and windows anyway. Makes it official or… something.

  2. It all looks very make-shifty and temporary, that and clinical
    PS – Oooohh..the last pic that has the view out the window – the view is soo familar, is it in the city?

    1. hahahahaha
      ok ok *dons the blonde wig*
      so i scrolled below and read your EARLIER post which now makes this post seem really random and me really stupid – DISREGARD AND CONTINUE WORKING!! :P~

  3. see, nick, take note – all you need do to win is vapourise trash and photocopy the boss’ face and you can set the two guys from andromeda free from their jelly tomb!

    1. How’s it cramped? The aisles are about the same as at the old building. The point is that there’s more room to expand into if need be, which is what we were lacking previously.

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