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  1. does that 14 million include the number of ipods people have shipped back to apple then back out again then back to apple…it’s like doing the hokey pokey, but with really expensive objects instead of limbs!

    (but seriously…i’m jealous that you work for somewhere that appears to care about their staff!)

    1. Hahaha. No, that’s brand-new. 🙂 Fourteen million in three months is ridiculous. 😮 Now that I’m catching the bus into work, it’s amusing seeing all the hordes of people sporting the white iPod earphones. 😉

      And 😀

      1. Since I currently HAVE NO iPOD (I’ll stop bitching one day, I promise) I’m using the little white earphones in my minidisc (ooh, retro). So maybe other people are too?

          1. But minidiscs have been around as long, if not longer, than discmen! And they were nowhere near as popular, so they’re niche retro. I’m in a hip tech-minority and don’t you even try dispel the fun illusion i’m having here 😀

  2. so I’m not just imagining it, the white earphones ARE taking over the world 🙂

    Do they have mind control devices in them yet? which make you buy other apple products? 😛

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