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    I need your knowledgable advice!
    I’m trying to update my ipod [seeing as…you know…i leave in a few days and i dont wanna be stuck in europe for a year with NO MUSIC]
    Anyway my computer is fucked…so i’m updating it thru my friend Pat’s computer. He has itunes, we whacked 19 gig worth of music on, plugged in my ipod [which was at full power]…then when it started updating it, the battery bar shot RIGHT down and within about 5 minutes, it cut out coz it had no power left
    It keeps on doing this!
    But if i charge my ipod and then listen to it, the battery lasts for a few hours. Why’s it doing this just while i try and update it? I dont have time to take it in anywhere to be fixed – i leave on monday


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