38 thoughts on “Mmm…

  1. You might be awesome, but you’re not $770 worth of awesome!

    (There was never a Clean Teena. She was an Absurd Liberal Myth.)

  2. I didn’t have them hidden then, and I didn’t have much to do with them. Don’t make me brake your mind here as well as ICQ! 😛


    I only have a crappy ibook *kicks it*

    I still love it muchly tho…just…not as much as I’d love a new MacBook.

  4. I take back everything bad I’ve said about the black MacBook, and also everthing bad I’ve said about Australia Post (in the hopes that they will bring me my damn credit card so I can buy one).

  5. you should take a photo of the macbook and your powerbook side by side,

    just looking at it, the mac book screen is so much more vibrant and brighter than your powerbook,

    im presuming the macbook has the “new” glossy lcd screen

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