I went and had dinner with minga and thristian tonight at the Löwenbräu, which was fun (and delicious!). I think the last time I saw minga was at the very first sydneysiders meet I went to like four years ago, heh, and somehow thristian and I had managed to not meet until now.

We need to have another gathering at the Townie at some point soon, I haven’t seen you guys for ages!

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  1. This idea has been scampering about in my head for awhile – why don’t we have a meet-up meme thing, where one person goes “I’m going to be at (place) on (date) at (time) and you need to be there too, for the (LOLZ/booze/whatnot). If you’re going, post this (in a friends-locked entry) on your lj as an invite to your friends,” … ok, so I’m not sure how well it would work in practicality because of numerous factors, and the wording’s a bit oogley; but the theory of it is sound, it is sound of rock.

    … it’s 1am and I’m so rambley. scusi! 🙂

  2. Yes, the first and last time you saw me was indeed there. And it was April 04.

    Good to see you again. It’s kind of weird seeing internet friends in person though, I forget that you’re real people sometimes 🙂

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