I went furniture hunting today, since I’m leaving all my current stuff at my parents’, and bought a queen-size bed plus frame, and a fancy computer desk!

It’s just the bed frame I’m getting, not the bedside desks. The mattress and desk are being delivered on Monday. Unfortunately the bed frame wasn’t in stock, so I’ll be sleeping with my mattress on the floor for a little while. 😉

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  1. I don’t think the computer desk would fit all your macs 😛 although I guess you don’t take the work machines home 🙂

      1. my god I’ve seen some huge cinema displays around, if I could be arsed setting my computer up on a *desk* 🙂 And I guess I do have two computers now.

          1. :O Jeebus! They’ve got seventy five million inch ones (not apple) at customs house at the moment 🙂 I was all jealous.

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