I am home! And I miss kungfupolarbear already.

I took a couple of sleeping tablets after the plane left from San Francisco, but they didn’t totally knock me out unfortunately. Still, it was an improvement over the flight from Sydney to LA. I managed to get a few hours sleep at least.

The plane arrived at 6:30 this morning, I got home about 8 or so. I had breakfast with one of my roommates then was chatting to my lovely kungfupolarbear on Skype when all the lack of sleep on the plane hit me all at once. I went for a nap at about 12:30… and woke up eight hours later. 😮

I’m still pretty tired and out of it even now. I’ve got tomorrow off work thankfully, so I’ll organise and upload all my photos then. Going to try to stay awake for at least another couple of hours, then go to bed. ::props eyelids open::

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  1. Meep! Way to create your own time zone there, buddy 🙂 and yet… I’m sure you’ll have no problem sleeping. I’m so glad you have another day off of work!

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