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                    1. This. Do it.

                      Because you really don’t want kungfupolarbear bringing the whole goddamn internet to Australia and ruining the joint.

                    2. Actually, it’s kind of brilliant, really. We go, fuck up Australia, he has to move here.

                      Plus, I’ve always wanted to see the Thunderdome!

                    3. Oh, I’m sure Australia’s awesome. I’ve seen Mad Max, that shit looks dope. It’s on the list of “places I’d love to visit”, along with the similar list of “places I’d like to participate in death matches”.

                      ETA: I support this plan to get Australia here!

              1. Bitch I’ma be packing, then I’m going to karaoke! The thrill of putting all my crap into boxes and belting out A Perfect Circle calls to me!

                Also, cute girls show up at karaoke. Tall gangly men with mullets are going to Death Race. Not a hard decision. 😉

  1. Everything about this post, including (especially) the comments have pretty much made my day. Shame it’s been made so early, now I have to float through the OTHER 7 hours before I can go.

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