w00t! I have unlocked iPhone goodness. I just have to wait until the new plan I’m switching to with Three kicks in before I can use data (should be the 7th of this month).

I’m also starting to get back into playing Warhammer 40,000. A few of us are having a big (in number of players, not number of points) battle on Sunday, and almost all of us have new armies.

I’ve gone Imperial Guard, which will be interesting… my other army is Eldar!

Actually, I tell a lie… those photos were taken a while ago, and I’ve just gotten back into painting them again. I’ve got another squad of ten Guardsmen finished too.

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    1. Nope. We got free iPhones from work, and got to choose which carrier they’d be locked to. I chose Optus, as you can pay to get it unlocked (or wait six months and get it done for free, but sod that).

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