I’m chatting to kungfupolarbear about tattoos and piercings at the moment. I saw a girl a few weeks ago with a design that I really liked. It was her birth year, in Roman numerals, along the top of her back. I found a font that looks cool, and it’d be positioned a few inches underneath the current tattoo (pic under the cut for those who haven’t seen it).

The design for the new one:

And my current one:

::strokes beard::

9 thoughts on “

              1. I’m going to start answering everything that way.

                “I want to go get a drink.”

                “You want to get a drink,indeed.”

                I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds filthy.

  1. oooh i like that font, what is it?

    (also i can see a point sometime in the fairly near future where i will probably end up with a tattoo…)

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