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  1. … Hi! *waves*
    I wandered over here from K’s journal, cause I’m a creep like that.

    I just wanted to say that I REALLY enjoyed looking at the mountain photos. It totally made me reconceptualize what I think of when I hear the word, “mountain.” The last time that this happened was when I went to Appalachia for the first time.. their kind of mountains were also very unlike my brain’s archetype of “mountains” which… which is more like the “alps” really.

    My absolute favorite non-nature only one:
    I was just stunned at how awesome that shot it. . . she looks SO SULTRY in that perfect nonchalantly not trying to be sultry way. Excellent.

    … *creepily saunters away*

    ….*creepily bumbles back to delete the first comment and leave her real name out of this*

    …..*tries to be nonchalant but fails miserably*

      1. omg both of you were in my dream last night in the weirdest way possible.
        in summary:

        it was a vaguely post-apocalyptic world in which the spawn of two giant pre-cambrian looking reptiles have taken over. only the strong and brave have survived, and we have assembled a rag tag team of freedom fighters to infiltrate the nest and destroy the motherload.

        in my dream, K was, indeed, a ninja of the highest order, and you used to be in a CIA-type thing, but have since reformed your ways and have joined the mammalian resistance.

        i have a very vivid imagination, to say the least. i am posting a facebook note about it and maybe K is now intrigued enough to later read the whole thing.

    1. Haha! There’s nothing like wandering into someone else’s journal and finding out that someone complimented me. Thank you!!!!

      (Ok and it’s funny that I just started my comment with the same Haha! that he did, without even reading his comment. Okay then.)

      1. you’re welcome. ha ha ha i’m tagging you in a FB note about my bizarre dream in which you and V were both key players… be excited.

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