So, kungfupolarbear is at the airport and probably just boarding now. We had some unexpected awesomeness at the check-in line… despite that ridiculously rude woman saying we’d have to pay AU$311 on Saturday for the flight change, the lady at the check-in line said it’d been paid already?! So we got an extra four days for nothing! 😀 She was really nice, too.

I’m definitely feeling a bit down, but nowhere near as much as when she left here last time, or when I left Boston in August. I’d say it’s because I know that she’s going to be back here permanently, and hopefully within just a few months.

I’m still squeeing over the fact that we’re engaged!! I’ve found the love of my life and we’re getting married! 😀

I’m currently at mum and dad’s, as my car is in at the mechanic just up the road to get looked at for an odd rattling/squeaking noise it keeps making. Once I’m home I’ll get onto organising and uploading the photos we took to Flickr.


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  1. That’s exactly how I feel. I’m missing you, but just knowing I get to marry the love of my life instills a permanent level of happy that can’t be destroyed even by distance, right now.

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