Last night was fucking excellent. The first two bands (All That Remains and 36 Crazyfists) were very average, but Lacuna Coil and DevilDriver ruled. Getting there horribly early actually worked out pretty well, I was up the very front for the entire concert, and I was hanging out with two people that’d come up from Melbourne to see the show.

Lacuna Coil’s set was a bit short (admittedly with four bands playing no-one really gets a long set), but they played one of the songs from their upcoming album “Shallow Life”… if that’s any indication of the quality of the rest of the album, it’s going to be fucking awesome. (The song is “Spellbound”, it’s on their MySpace page if you’re interested). They said they were going to be out here again before the end of the year on a headlining tour! Oh fuck yes!

And DevilDriver put on an awesome show as always. They always look like they’re having a whole shitload of fun up there. And of course the music is headbangingly fucking AWESOME.

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