kungfupolarbear got a call from the Australian Embassy today, she needs to send off the last bit of paperwork then the visa will be approved!


Of course, we’re still not sure exactly when she’ll be over here, but it’s definitely happening!!

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  1. The “definitely happening” part is what’s making me squee my face off! Man that phone interview was grueling. So worth it! YAY!!!!!!!


      1. ahhh okay!

        an lj friend of mine went through that process when she got married 5 years ago, met her husband online. can’t remember what process she did, but i remember it taking a while & them needing lots of evidence of history and character references. like photos with date stamps on it and ish.

        good luck!

      2. personally; my advice is make sure you’ve been living with eachother for at LEAST 18 months before even thinking about getting married. long engagements ftw 😀

        soulmates shmoulmates; me and si have been inseperable since the day we got together & never had a single PEEP of an argument until just over a year of living together.

        we’ve lived together now for almost 2 years and still argue.

        but i’m still going to marry him LOL

        i’m not saying that you’ll fight, but divorce looks bad on your record yo!

        1. Well, we don’t have that option, heh. We have to get married within nine months of her getting here. 🙂

          But honestly, I really can’t see us arguing about much at all… we entirely agree with each other on like EVERY SINGLE THING EVER, hehe. 🙂

        2. We have 9 months to get married on the visa… and we’ve known each other for 5+ years, so I don’t think it’ll be an issue. If I thought that’d happen… I wouldn’t be picking up and moving to a different hemisphere.

          Have you ever tried dating someone from 9k miles away? You end up talking a LOT about EVERYTHING, and it’s all or nothing in the beginning but we’ve been planning it all out for a while now, so thanks for the concern, but we’ve actually thought it out.

          I lived with an ex for 3.5 years and we weren’t nearly as close as Nick and I are, even in all that time, so everyone’s different, I’d say.

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