Oh for fuck’s sake! The cable in my headphones has fucked up again. It’s only playing out one side. Fortunately the cable actually plugs into the headphones themselves, one into the left and one into right, so I don’t need to get an entire new set of headphones completely, but god dammit! I’m leaving tomorrow and would really like a working set! Last time it happened was over a year ago, but seriously, WTF. Exactly the same problem.

I’m considering just going down to JB Hi-Fi and getting a whole new pair, as I had to order the cable last time and it took like a week to arrive.

And there’s some douche sitting next to me listening to his voicemail messages on speakerphone. Grrr. Not a good start to the day.

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    1. Yeah, definitely. I forgot to point out in my post that mine are Sennheisers too. :/ The headphones themselves are awesome, it’s just this goddamn cable! Grumble.

      Although I’ll grant that when I’m wearing them for very long periods of time they do get a bit uncomfortable on the ears.

        1. I ended up going to JB this morning and getting a pair of HD-555s. 🙂 They’re omg comfortable… my ears don’t actually touch the inner part of the headphones, which I think was the reason my other headphones were uncomfortable to wear for extended periods.

                1. Oh dear lord.

                  And yeah, the sticker on the headphones said $219, the guy asked me what my budget was and I said I got my old pair for $140, he did some fiddling on his PDA thing and and said he could do them for $170. 🙂

      1. On the BUS? That’s a whole new level of mobile phone wrongness :/

        Have a blast in the US, can’t wait to see the photos, and congrats on your engagement!

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