iPhone camera vs proper camera with actual flash

iPhone camera:


Proper camera with external flash:



I tweaked both of the photos a bit. The iPhone camera one was just the auto-levels button in Aperture, to bring the brightness up — it was really dim — and the real one was brightened just a bit, and the temperature changed to be a bit less yellow.

8 thoughts on “iPhone camera vs proper camera with actual flash


    I wish I had a proper camera. I’ve got a pretty good point and shoot, but not a REAL camera. I’d love to take photos of Roisin like you do of Lily.

    1. Hee, thanks!

      Honestly, mine’s technically a point and shoot too (Canon PowerShot S5 IS), it’s not a DSLR. The awesome thing is that it’s got a hot-shoe on top of it so I can plug an external flash in, and the external flash is what makes all the difference. 🙂

      The flash is worth more than the camera is, hah. But it’ll come along when I eventually upgrade to a DSLR.

      1. Ah, I see. Yeah, this is my one. It can’t take an external flash, unfortunately. It doesn’t have manual focus, either, as I see yours does. For what it is, though, I think it’s pretty nifty. I could probably get more out of it if I read more of the manual. My main focus at the moment is taking photos of Roisin and low light night club photos.

        1. Mine does have manual focus, true, but it’s a pain in the arse to use. It’s not a simple focus ring like on DLSRs, you have to hold a button down on the side of the lens, and use the +/- buttons on the back of it. It’s completely useless for taking photos of anything that doesn’t hold still (read: Lily) because you can’t focus fast enough.

          And yeah, until is here and we go out on trips taking photos of things, pretty much all I snap pics of is Lily. 😉

          1. My camera has manual focus, and it uses a focus ring, but it’s ridiculous – the viewfinder is so low-res that you can’t focus by eye, so they give you on-screen visual aids… effectively you get to choose between auto-focus powered by an electric motor, or auto-focus powered by a human.

            I just leave it on auto-focus all the time, I can’t see the point in doing anything else.

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