Blargh. It’s becoming harder and harder to care about doing anything at work. Next week is our last week, and apparently it’s been planned so we’re not taking any calls, just wrapping things up, cleaning up ours machines, etc.

You know those days where just nothing goes right? I’ve been having several of those. The interview yesterday went well but the uncertainty of this whole situation is bumming me out.

And I know it’s a minor thing, but it’s just the topping on the pile of annoyances lately — everything has been going wrong with my server machine at home. I was fiddling around trying to use it as the router for my network as well, which didn’t work. That’s fine, I thought, I’ve got a Time Machine backup! I got it started on restoring from the day prior to me cocking it up and went to bed. When I checked the next morning, it’d somehow managed to restore to a point /after/ I’d been changing settings. So I booted back to the install disc, went to restore back further… and none of the previous backups were there anymore!

What happened was that the drive I was backing up to was running low on space, so when it went to back up again after the restore, it removed all of the previous backups so it’d have enough room for this one.


But! I also have a program called SuperDuper running, which makes a total clone of the whole HD and saves it into a disk image file. The last time that ran was the 15th, which is fine. So I went to mount the disk image… and it’s giving me a “No mountable filesystems” error. The logs within SuperDuper say everything was copied fine the last time it ran. Tried a few command-line tricks, but it simply will not mount. I got Disk Warrior from a friend this morning, connected via Apple Remote Desktop and tried to get it to rebuild the disk image, but it came up with a “Disk image in use” error and now appears to have taken down the whole machine, because I can’t connect to the VPN in the first place now.

And kungfupolarbear is still sick and feeling crappy, it’s going to be ages before she can get her tonsils out, and everything is just generally fucked at the moment. GRARHG#@(&$Y#$UH#k


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  1. Hopefully this will balance out with some good job luck! I say this b/c I am the closest I’ve been to having a job and everything else has been kinda crazy. o_0

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