Well, that was odd.

It turns out that that SuperDuper backup that was apparently not working yesterday actually is, and for some reason it just didn’t want to let me mount it in my regular non-admin user (the backup was done from the admin user)! It’s something to do with permissions, but I don’t know why because the permissions were set to rwxrwxr-x, so it ought to have worked.

Anyway, I restored the server successfully and everything is working perfectly.

For lunch I’m nomming on left-over pizza made by my beautiful and talented kungfupolarbear… home-made pizza crust, with spinach and chunks of seasoned chicken. NOM NOM NOM. Even better was when we had it for dinner on Tuesday night, accompanied by (proper American!) ranch dressing and green Tabasco sauce.

Speaking of green Tabasco sauce, WHY DO THEY NOT SELL IT HERE?! omfg it’s fantastic. kungfupolarbear‘s mum sent some over along with various other goodies, and holy shit. I am very sad that I haven’t been able to find any shops that sell it. There’s plenty of the regular red kind, but no green. 🙁

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    1. Sure, it’s $4.29… plus $2.50 P&H, PLUS $6.67 postage. $13.46 for a single 60mL bottle?! No thanks. 🙂

      We’re just going to wait until ‘s mum and brother come over in June and get them to bring a bunch of it with them. 😀

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