Every quarter at Atlassian, we have “Fedex”, where all the developers take two days off to furiously code and make shiny new things (see here). One of the things being created this year involves Sharepoint, and the writeup for it was absolutely brilliant:

The Problem
Some people really love SharePoint. Especially business manager type people. They just can’t get enough of it. It’s like KPI crack. With no knowledge of programming, web design or HTML, they can go in and create customisable dashboards, reports and lists and lists of information, pulled in from every other data-store imaginable. They can set it up to email them regularly with new information, export into pretty word documents and use a myriad of other useful Microsoft-centric features. Once it’s setup, they sit back and bask in the luminescent glow of their sweet, sweet datas. From their fortress of KPI solitude, they have ample time to reflect on how brilliantly awesome they are – breaking occasionally from their meditative state to hit the refresh button.

Oh yes, they f*$&@cking love their reports.

With this image underneath it:


4 thoughts on “Amusement

  1. God, you haven’t even touched on “workflows”.

    Where I am at the moment (across Sussex street from you) we may or may not have a “Web Team” of 10. At any one time 8 of us are dealing with “Sharepoing Crap”, and 6 of those are battling with “Fucking Workflows” or “Fucked Up Permissions”.

    Quote me and I’ll Deny everthing.

    Thankfully I’ve quit smoking so I no longer have to peer on on your empty offices every Friday afternoon.


    (Although they do pay me pretty well and I don’t work all that hard).


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