Of moving, and cyclones

The timing of our move to Hornsby could not have been better. This week has been quite hot, every day has been well above 30C (86F) which isn’t too bad ordinarily, but it’s barely cooled down at night. Yesterday it was 39C (102F) when we got home from work a bit before 7, I went to bed at midnight and it was still 33C (91F) outside!

Given I had a west-facing room when I was living with my parents, I’m fairly used to hot weather at night with no air conditioning, but 33C at midnight is really fucking hot. I read today that it was the hottest night in thirteen years. Poor kungfupolarbear would have killed multiple people today at work had she not been able to get to sleep due to our air conditioning!

And in non-#firstworldproblems, holy fuck tropical cyclone Yasi. It’s due to hit the north coast of Queensland about half an hour from now, and it’s a category five cyclone. They’re predicting wind speeds of potentially up to 320kph (~200mph), and it’s going to be the largest and most devastating cyclone we’ve ever seen. And check out how bloody huge it is! The ABC has some more stats on how it compares to other cyclones here.

For those not in Australia, don’t worry, we’re a good 2000km (~1250 miles) away from the cyclone. The main thing Sydney really deals with on a regular basis is bushfires. 🙂

1 thought on “Of moving, and cyclones

  1. “The main thing Sydney really deals with on a regular basis is bushfires”

    …and pushy, arrogant drivers, ridiculous rent & house prices and packed and late trains. Hoorah! 🙂


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