Busy busy busy

Man, since I’ve been doing Studio support I’ve been pretty much flat-out every single day. Some days it’s good and I get lots done and I’m very productive. Other days, like today, I have about five things going on at once for the entire day and can’t concentrate on any of them. My brain was leaking out my ears by about 2pm. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the hell out of work, but some days are definitely more draining than others.

When we first moved up to Hornsby, it really felt like Katoomba but I couldn’t put my finger on why exactly that was. I’ve realised now that it’s because the air is so much cleaner here than the city or even Lane Cove (Lane Cove is only ~10km from the city). It’s so nice stepping off the train in Hornsby after work and just having wonderfully clean fresh air. Even more so now that the weather is cooling down and the air has that autumnal coolness to it.

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