I am posting from the past!

I am in Boston, at kungfupolarbear‘s!

All went well on the way over here, except for the hour and a half delay before we actually took off after we’d boarded the plane in Sydney. And despite all the horrendous things I’ve heard about Los Angeles airport, there were no problems of any sort! Straight through immigration and customs, a couple of minute walk around to the terminal where we were going to be boarding, and that was that! On the trip home I’m going via San Fransisco, so I’m half expecting things to be horrible there, to make up for the lack of horribleness at LAX. 😛

Also, the post-plane flight shower is the greatest thing in the world.

12 thoughts on “I am posting from the past!

  1. I too had no problems at LA Airport (except getting briefly lost) and was amused at how quickly it was to get through immigration and customs.

    San Francisco airport is fine. Except going to and from there I got selected for “random secondary screening” which seemed to entail getting my bag and shoes swabbed and tested for bombs, getting frisked and getting to go in the weird air blower machine thing 😀

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