We went to Rockport yesterday, which was a fishing village and it’s got all these awesome old buildings. I took a heap of photos, which I’ll upload to Flickr once I’m home, and got rather sunburnt. Bought a few bits and pieces (namely a new wallet and awesome pewter goblet for me, plus some souvenirs for the family). Afterwards we visited the lovely trunkbutt and sat around on the grass at the beach talking for a couple of hours, which was nice. At night we went to pool and I met several more LJ-types, zanylikethat, thetathx1138mkb_technologie,and newtonnut plus some other non-LJers (and my goodness I’d forgotten how much I suck at pool, heh).

Today we’re being lazy, and tonight going to have dinner with xenofalcon and his parents. Woo!

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    1. Haha. The shoes are actually from another place named Rockport… not this Rockport. Whoever named places New England weren’t all that creative and just re-used the same bunch of names over and over.

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