It’s here!


(Mine’s the one with the PowerBook on it… the other is a co-worker’s machine, who isn’t in today so I’m commandeering her monitor :D).

21 thoughts on “It’s here!

      1. hmm good point 🙂
        i think i hate macs because they hate me… but they are incredibly niiiice looking. you have too many computers, you must give me one o/

        although my pc will get jelous, its not as sexy.

          1. they just seem to crash when i touch them :/
            we used macs @ design college and they always… ALWAYS died on me… and only me!

            but my pc is choice… he never dies on me… i’ve only ONCE had a blue screen of death and it was when i took a 3 1/2 out of it too soon. *pats*

                    1. ahhh the plot sickens, i have no work, but i have to be up at bullshit am cos my sister is picking up place cards for her crazy NYE wedding up the northern beaches… very weirdddd girl picking new years eve for a wedding. and also leaving the attendance list till last minute which means i gotta work twice as hard… now i’m just wasting time cos to make said cards i have to go downstairs and cut shit up into bits… so screw that i’ll just annoy strange people.. what will you be doing at 12:30pm

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