New floors and painting in my room

Everything’s back to normal now! 🙂

(Well… everything but the pictures on my wall).

27 thoughts on “New floors and painting in my room

  1. i swear; the next time i come over to your house, i’m going to purposely push everything on the floor and crumple up your bed!

    it is SO friggin NEAT; it drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!

    even the bloody CABLES are neat!!!!!!

  2. I agree – you need some mess in your life. If you saw pictures of my house you’d probably die of shock.

    The floors look really nice – sweeping instead of vaccuuming would be much better.

  3. Mmmmm Floorboards.

    Now, show me a picture of inside your cupboard 😉

    Seriously though, very nice. However if you are ever going to be getting it on, on the floor, you’ll need a nice rug…oh wait, im talking to Nick….Never Mind!

    1. Nah, the cupboard’s fine. There’s a couple of boxes in there that still need all the stuff pulled out of them (random cables, etc, that haven’t been put back yet). Looks neat, though. 🙂

      And ;P

  4. damn that was fast, last time i was there a few weeks ago it was still a mess, whats up with the two colours on the walls? why not go the green on all the walls?

    1. btw, i noticed that plastic mat under your chair, where did u get that from? been looking for one for my chair,

      ps, just realised the chair you use are identical to the ones we use at optus, very comfy and u can adjust it over 5 different ways,

    2. Yeah, it was! The floors were finished entirely in one day. 🙂

      And the green is a feature wall. Just that back wall is green, the rest is the other colour.

      1. hahahahahahahaha – As everyone should!!!!!!
        Can’t you just like faux mess up your room and then everyone will be like oh look it’s alright – his room isn’t neat ALL the time 😛

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