Woo! My redundancy pay came in today. We now have ZERO debt of any sort! It’s a good feeling.

Although the lack of job is less good, heh. I’ve been applying for a bunch of jobs, got a follow-up questionnaire email from one this morning, I’ve replied to that so we’ll see how things go.

On a totally different note, anyone who has an Xbox 360 and likes tower defense games should check out Toy Soldiers on Xbox Live Arcade. It’s a WWI-themed game and is fantastically fun. I’ve been playing it rather obsessively since it came out last week!

And having mentioned the jobless thing, I just noticed there’s two positions for Mac Service Technicians at local service centres, one just five minutes drive up the road in Chatswood and the other at Bondi Junction, where several of the people from the call centre have actually ended up! I’ve applied for both. 😀

2 thoughts on “Monies!

    1. Oh seriously. Once I actually get a job we’ll be able to save up money pretty quickly. The main problem was having to put a chunk of money onto the credit card every month.

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