Yes, it’s more job stuff!

I had the interview at MyMac today. It went very well. They’re definitely interested in hiring me, but they’re just not quite sure in exactly what capacity yet! They were saying they’re looking at expanding and hiring some more staff, and they realise that someone with my skills doesn’t just walk in off the street every day. The store manager is going to a conference in Chicago for a week starting next week, so they won’t have a chance to put their heads together (there were two guys interviewing me, the store manager and the chief operations manager) and work out exactly what they’ll do. It might even be a new role that they create.

I already know three other people there, all from the call centre, so I’d fit right in. They’ve also got three people from the Apple Retail Store on Regent St in London, so there’s quite the pool of talent there!

I won’t hear anything until probably week after next, but that’s okay. I’ll just enjoy the unemployment! Hah.

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