I went down to the RTA this afternoon after work to apply for my Ls (learners drivers license, for those not in Australia). After sitting around for fucking ages waiting for them to take their fucking time to get around to me, the woman says “Sorry, we can’t accept your Proof of Age card, you’ve got to have a birth certificate”, despite the fact that I had to have aforementioned birth certificate to get the aforementioned fucking proof of age card.

I was all set to come home and surprise my parents with it, but noooooo.


Now that I look back at it, it’s probably pretty silly, but meh. Fuck it.

There, I feel better now. 😛

Never getting hangovers rules. 😀

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is streaming into my room, I’m sitting here chilling to some hard trance, and I’m entirely awake. Got a friend’s farewell tonight (he’s going to the US for 4 months), which’ll be cool.

Life is good.

Wow…I’m fairly drnk. Chatting on #everything with fellow drunk people, having a ball. <3 alocohol. Booyaa rocks, btw.