Time for my quarterly update!

Biggest news is WE’VE MOVED OUT OF OUR SHITTY FUCKING MOULD-INFESTED APARTMENT! \o/ We found a gorgeous two-bedroom townhouse that’s right near to the train station in Hornsby, and has AIR CONDITIONING and GAS COOKING! And a backyard! It’s about forty to fifty minutes train ride, which is a fair bit more than the twenty to thirty minute bus ride we had in Lane Cove, but it’s still less than when we were living in Dee Why. It’ll just take a little while before we’re used to the longer commute again. Pictures will be forthcoming once we’ve finished putting everything away. 😛 …I should point out that we’re still renting, not buying, heh.

Work is going well as always. I’m going to be doing support for JIRA Studio for this quarter, to see how I like it, and move into it permanently if it’s good. It sounds it, it’s a much more sysadmin-type role, which sounds fun.

And lastly, we’re going to see Rammstein and Tool this Thursday night! \o/ I saw Tool last time they were out here, and they were fucking AMAZING. Rammstein has been here before, but I’ve never seen them. Woohoo!

5 thoughts on “Time for my quarterly update!

  1. We’re also planning on doing the move a bit further out. As you can appreciate, living in a little 2 bedroom apartment with a 10 month old tearing up the place is not ideal. Glad you guys have found somewhere nice!

    Babies next?????? 🙂


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