Yay! The iMac has finally arrived! 😀

Well…it actually arrived last week. And it was an US model, so they had to change the power supply over to an Australian one. I came in and grabbed it Thursday afternoon, powered it up…and there was this two-inch-thick lines of pixels down the side of the screen that were distorted and ghosting. 🙁

I dropped it back on Friday, and the guys in the repair centre fixed it all up. 🙂

Now, waiting on the damn iPod Mini…there’s only thirty-five-thousand on back order. D:

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  1. wooo! toys! i was going to say something a bit strong like, “i must kill and skin, then wear your skin and assume your identify” but it’s like 8:30 in the morning. so i didn’t.

    wooo! toys! 😀

    1. d0ud like i hope i haven’t scared you or anything. just realised that having not posted a comment in almost a year (maybe longer), threatening to kill you is not the most gentle of intros. 😛

      i don’t want to kill you. or skin you. wearing a virtual_wolf suit does appeal to me though.

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