Man, I’m getting all tanned and shit. Crazy!

On Friday we hit up the Boston Public Library, and as lame as that sounds, it’s very impressive. It’s part library and part museum… there’s a whole bunch of big paintings on the walls (Sistine Chapel-esque).

For lunch we went to The Cheesecake Factory. Good god they have large servings… we got the “lunch” portions, which are smaller versions of the dinner portions, and neither of us could finish the damn things!

After that we wandered through a few disturbingly touristy areas (think Bondi) and snuggled on the grass in a park for a while. Then we hit up the North End, which is very New York-feeling and full of Italian restaurants and grocery stores, and not much else. There were lots of little old Italian women sitting out the front of their houses smoking. It was very strange.

Yesterday we were at Newburyport at the beach. It’s basically an entire suburb of little beach shacks and houses, some more elaborate than others. Last night we saw Pineapple Express, and it’s hilarious!

Today we went to Mt Auburn Cemetary… holy shit it’s epically large! I took a metric shitton of pictures, and we didn’t even see anywhere near the whole thing.

Tomorrow we’re seeing Finntroll! \m/

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  1. Nice. Say hi to Boston for me. There’s a really nice Thai restaurant on Commonwealth Avenue next to the Paradise Rock Club. Make sure you go to Cambridge as well, especially if the weather is nice. That’s another metric shitton of pictures right there.

    1. Heh. Cambridge is pretty much where we’ve been hanging out the past few days. 🙂 The cemetery is there for one. And aye, the weather has been awesome. Uncannily so, according to . 🙂

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