Hee. I’m writing this entry on kungfupolarbear‘s laptop… 600MHz, 128MB RAM! Whee.

We saw Finntroll last night, and they were fucking awesome. There were three support bands, the first two were terrible, the third was a band called Warbringer who actually really ruled. The downside of the whole concert was the moshpit… there weren’t enough people there so there was a decent amount of space, which meant that all the crazy running-around-and-into-everyone people had a lot of speed when they were running around. Poor kungfupolarbear was smashed into towards the end of the concert by someone I didn’t even see come in… her forehead collided hard with his head. :\

Oh, and the music that I put that video of Lily walking to? Finntroll played that last night. 😀 😀

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  1. Just so I can maintain SOME street cred… that is not my main machine and is some old monster I keep in case I break my main one, haha.

    Also, it should be mentioned that you put forth a laudable effort in order to keep me from getting hit in the face the rest of the night… and the head butting fellow was, indeed, some sort of ninja.

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