I got a remote shutter release for the 400D I’m borrowing, so I can now take exposures for as long as I want! This one is pretty much the same Dee-Why-pool-at-night that I took a few weeks ago, but with an 82 second exposure instead of 30. Quite a difference!

Dee Why pool

Some more artiness!

Turns out it’s bloody hard work trying to take a photo of a water droplet exactly as you want it. Even this one I’d have preferred to get with it totally separate from the tap, but eh. I’m tired. 😀


Urgh. Lily had some stomach bug last week (the week we didn’t have her), and was horribly sick. I got it on Friday and spent the entire day either in bed or in the bathroom, with kungfupolarbear looking after me, and today she has it and is doing the same thing. 🙁 Thankfully I’m all better so I can look after her, at least.

Also, some random artiness.

I love pot

We had a party at our house last night for kungfupolarbear‘s birthday. There was Munchkin, Guitar Hero, drinking, and chatting, and it was great! I ended up rather drunker than I have been for quite a while, hehe.

Unfortunately, after everybody left when I was turning all the lights out I managed to stub my toe and it looks like I dislocated it. 🙁 It’s definitely not broken as I can still move it and bend it fine, but part of it is a very interesting shade of purple and blue.

We went up to Barrenjoey Head yesterday and snapped some photos with that 400D that I borrowed again from a friend at work. We were going to go back to North Head in the morning and get some good photos of the cliffs, but by the time we finished doing everything we had to get done, it was already midday.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Crumbling Sand

11,000 Volts

And tonight I took some photos of the flowers I bought kungfupolarbear for her birthday. I’m really happy with them. 🙂

I finally got around to finishing the second Imperial Guard tank I have.

Leman Russ Demolisher



Holy fuck we’re getting married in about thirteen hours!


I’ve finally gotten around to taking some photos using my new light stand and umbrella setup!

Devious. Very devious.



I’m really pleased with how they came out!

Woo! We scored a dining table and four chairs from eBay for $80. 😀 We picked up our coffee table yesterday, now we’re just waiting for the TV stand and side table to arrive, and we still need to find a book case. Once that’s done, the unit is fully furnished!

We went down to Dee Why Beach this morning and we snapped a few photos. kungfupolarbear has a few more that will be uploaded later, these are my ones.

Waves crashing

Dee Why Headland

A somewhat delayed entry!

So obviously we’re back in the country now! And I’m back at work. Grumble.

The flight back was fucking horrible. There was this baby, wouldn’t have been even a year old, that was randomly shrieking at the top of its lungs. Not crying, full-on banshee wailing. There was quite a bit of turbulence too, just to add to the fun. Thankfully I’m not motion-sick.

We arrived back in Sydney on Saturday morning, breezed through customs, and ended up getting a lot done in the morning before we passed out! We opened a joint bank account, deposited kungfupolarbear‘s cheque that she brought over plus the one we got as an engagement present from her grandparents, got her a pre-paid SIM with 3, and did a bit of shopping.

Unfortunately whatever it was that kungfupolarbear was sick with in Florida came over with us. Thankfully we were able to pay $60 to go to the doctor, it took all of probably ten minutes, and we came out with a prescription for antibiotics, which themselves cost about $15.

Yesterday we went to Ikea, which was pretty much made of fail. We had Lily, who’s got a cold at the moment and I’m fairly sure she’s teething, so she was extremely grumpy towards the end. We found a few things, but none of them came in the colours we wanted, and kungfupolarbear was coughing and wheezing too.

I’m back at work now too, boo. It’s like I never left. Although I’ve only got today and tomorrow and then it’s the weekend again! kungfupolarbear is off to see the new Wolverine movie with a couple of my friends. She gets along extremely well with all of them, which is excellent.

I’ve uploaded the photos I took to Flickr. I’ve added a handful below.

Old buildings

Sunset over St Augustine


Launch Pad "A"

Saturn V engines

iPhone camera vs proper camera with actual flash

iPhone camera:


Proper camera with external flash:



I tweaked both of the photos a bit. The iPhone camera one was just the auto-levels button in Aperture, to bring the brightness up — it was really dim — and the real one was brightened just a bit, and the temperature changed to be a bit less yellow.

I think I just confirmed my lack-of-taking-photos-at-home theory from my previous post… we were up at Mum and Dad’s for dinner, and I ended up taking a bunch of shots!





Climbing 1


Watching volcanoes on TV


And now to hopefully take advantage of the extra hour sleep tonight because of daylight savings ending! ::faceplant::

I really should start bringing my regular camera with me again, I think. The clouds this evening were spectactular, and I only had my iPhone on me.

Sunset 1

Sunset 2

Sunset 3


I’m cooking some tomato pasta sauce at the moment and decided to snap a few random macro photos. And do some Photoshopping.


Stove knob from the past!



Also, I should mention that I am now SANS ROOMMATES! They moved out on the weekend. 😀 I’m paying a shitload of rent for the moment, until kungfupolarbear gets here, but it’s so worth it. The lounge room is extremely empty right now, since all the furniture except the lights and the coffee table were my roommates’. And Lily has her own room now! And she’s got a proper little bed too. 😀

And Mum bought her this for the door:

Guess what, more photos! I had dinner at Mum and Dad’s, and Lily was helping Mum make the dessert (baked apples, and they were nom nom nom!).


I’ve been reading Strobist all day at work, and got all inspired by this entry on apparent light size. I was up at mum and dad’s last night and made a DIY reflector (link for instructions), and used that tonight in place of an umbrella for these photos. I’m very impressed with how they turned out! I did a very slight brightness bump and a crop in Aperture, other than that they’re exactly how they came off the camera.


I took a couple of macro photos of the barbecue at Mum and Dad’s at the end of last month, but they weren’t particularly interesting. I did some adjusting of the curves in Photoshop today, and this is the result. I’m quite pleased!

Barbecue Grate

Barbecue Knob

I’ve uploaded the two original photos, before I adjusted them.